Looking for a trusted finance broker?

28 June 2021

If you are looking for professional advice and assistance to find any loan, Ezilend Cairns can jump in and help. We’re experts in all kinds of finance broking services, and our aim is to make it easy for you to access the products and funds that you need. Let us do all the hard work […]

Did you know it is easy to get a car loan when you are only on a centrelink pension?

28 May 2021

Getting your loan approved1 on a pension may be easier than you think with Ezilend Cairns. As long as you meet our basic criteria and we are happy that the loan is suitable and affordable for you, then we will work with you to get your car loan approved as soon as possible. Some of the pension […]

Switch from a credit card to a personal loan

28 April 2021

Having difficulty making payments on time? For easier management and better flexibility, how about a personal loan? Unlike credit cards, with a personal loan you can benefit from: Lower interest rates in comparison to most credit cards; Fixed repayment schedule, meaning you can plan finances and know when you will have paid off your loan; […]

Need those extra funds for stamp duty or settlement costs for buying a house?

28 March 2021

Looking to buy a home but don’t have enough funds to make it happen? Here at Ezilend Cairns, we have access to a wide range of personal loan specialists. Whether you need to: Cover stamp duty costs Raise the deposit for a mortgage Pay mortgage settlement costs Or even find the best mortgage deal available We […]

You can still finance that dream classic car with an unsecured personal loan!

28 February 2021

Have you been keeping an eye on your dream antique car? Are you unable to buy it because of a lack of funds? Here at Ezilend Cairns, we have access to a panel of lenders who specialise in providing personal loans for vehicle purchases. With unsecured personal loans of up to $40,000 and repayment terms of […]

Bad Credit Car Loans

28 January 2021

Have you tried to get finance before? Been told you have bad credit? Maybe you are ex-bankrupt? Have too many enquiries on your credit file? Perhaps you have a default? Don’t worry about any of this. Here at Ezilend Cairns we can help repair your credit history by providing our quality brokerage service! We have the widest range […]

Refinance your debt into one simplified repayment

28 December 2020

If you’re currently struggling to meet your debt obligations, or are simply tired of keeping track of all your different repayments, a debt consolidation loan could be for you. At Ezilend Cairns, we have access to a diverse panel of lenders and find you the best debt consolidation solution for your circumstances, which could help […]